Makerspace is made by people first!

Yup, seems strange enough, like other things machines important, however persons are more important, we believe they take first place in this LAB.

But who are these “persons”? We divided them in 4 categories. First off all the users, which are all the students in the province of Bolzano, which don’t exclude students for a non-university context. The most important thing is that they have a good idea and desire to do it. Then there are friends who are always there with a helping hand and the right spirit to help start makerspace.

As the third category there is the staff of makerspace, who will always be there to help to build and develop your projects, with our various competence in computers, electronics, design, and communication. The last category are reference people, which could be famous or not, but they all have something important to teach us.

Let’s go back to the users, for a university it only makes sense to look for potential users in the university’s student body. However we do not discriminate, we accept users from all ages, and we are willing to expand to welcome students from high school and elementary school.

Not very long ago a publication published talked about this in detail, it is named:  “In Need of Creative Mobile Service Ideas? Forget Adults and Ask Young Children“; it states that only young people are the only ones to have good ideas. Saying this let’s look at an example.

The little Jennifer and the Polaroid


The birth of the camera Polaroid is bound to an anecdote of the inventor (Edwin Land): after a long day taking pictures as he is in vacation with his little daughter named Jennifer, the girl asks his dad why the pictures aren’t available to be seen immediately after taking them. Edwin Land had a moment of enlightenment of a great idea; soon after he calls his lawyer to start the procedure to patent a camera in which as it takes pictures it develops them instantly. Edwin Land is seen by many people as a genius, second to Thomas Edison on the number of patents published; Steve Jobs himself declared how he was inspired by such a person.


Land was a great inventor, who worked really hard and produce amazing results, but it all started with an idea from a little girl. We can say with a lot of humility, that we are looking for bright and fresh minds just like little Jennifer, and as makerspace we will look to develop your ideas, just like Edwin Land did with the Polaroid.