The run-in

We are ready. After a long run-in period to test machines and our ability the makerspace is operational! 
This space is an opportunity for our and any faculty of computer science. It is a small space where we can try and learn how to embed our software in real physical products. On behalf of the makerspace team I am gald to invite you to the makerspace kick-off meeting 


The run-up

The enthusiasm and positivity of Professor Pekka Abrahamsson former Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science (today at NTNU in Norway) that motivated all of us and grounded at unibz the culture of the makerspace. During the run-up phase our motto was “passion guides us” as in an old advertisement of an Italian car.
Next, a bit of photos, with only the names as in a family album, of those people with whom we made the run-up.

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