(nwc-002) / Banglagarden: water my plants

Title:Banglagarden: water my plantsID : (nwc-002)
Owner:Sven Helmer (+ Barbara Russo)
Team: Daniele Gadler + Saifur Salam / BSc students + Angelo Ventura + Julian Sanin
Description:the goal is to build a device to water plants for you while you are on
vacation. This includes several hardware and software components: a set of sensors to measure the humidity, a controller to operate one or several pumps, and an application (e.g. on a smart phone) to monitor the current state and manually override or reconfigure the system remotely. On the not so serious side, the plants could also get a Twitter account to inform the world about their current state and that they are thirsty.
Schedule:4-6 weeks
Closing date: Status: closed
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(nwc-001) / BALA: children balance

Title:BALA: children balance ID : (nwc-001)
Owner:Edona Gashi / BSc thesis (+ Barbara Russo)
Team: Edona Gashi + supervisor: Rosella Gennari + co-supervisor: Vincenzo Del Fatto + Angelo Ventura + Julian Sanin
Description:build a tool that measures the tilt between two people.
The aim of the usage of such object is to see if children actually learn how to sort and the difficulties they might encounter in sorting. The tool is implemented with Arduino, an accelerometer, and a small LCD display. Pre-requisites: Arduino code and electronics.
Schedule:three weeks
Closing date: Status: closed
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